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I am a minister, a Jamaican contemporary reggae gospel artist, a husband and a father who loves the Lord. My ministry was birth in my home church in Jamaica and has matured in my current church in Canada, where I serve on the men’s choir, the general choir and is a musician.

My first single, “Do you believe in his love?”, released in the fall of 2018, speak of God’s love to his people. My second single, “Praise and Worship,” communicates my life’s testimony and my love and commitment to Christ. I currently released my first album “Do You Believe In His Love?” which is available for download on all digital platform.




With a splendid repertoire that draws heavily from the rich traditions of West African performance art, Sangea continues to brilliantly redefine what it means to revitalize tradition and in turn, captivate a modern audience.
Sangea is a diverse West-African performance group made up of 8 members from several countries in Africa, and from Mexico and Canada. The name of the group means female leader and is a common name given to young girls in Liberia.
Established in 2012, the group has grown from being a household name amongst several communities within the Edmonton area, to becoming a leader in the forward progression of traditional West-African music, dance, poetry, and theatre in it’s home province and across the country at large.

I’m Ethan Cybril the winner of the 2018 kids with talent in South Africa i play 9 instruments 5 professionals and 4 self taught I’ve released a variety of music on Apple Music and Spotify and I’m 17 years old










Faith and Esther are high school students and pioneers of the Afro Beat club at Lilian Osborne High School (LOHS)