Dance & Cultural


Arie Edmonton is a masquerade dance associated with a society of hunters in Freetown or villages in Sierra Leone. Arie cultural performance brings to Edmonton and Africanival 2018, exciting dance routines mimicking the techniques used in hunting with the masquerader accompanied by a conductor who holds a wooden gun as part of a hunting play. Their costumes made of different animal parts; shells, horns, teeth, appreciates the role animals play in human survival. Such hunting societies are thought to have originated among the 19th century “liberated Africans” rescued from slave ships by the Royal Navy and brought to Freetown instead of back to the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria where they originated. Typically the masquerader wears a costume of sacking and netting that completely conceals his body and his headdress is a shapeless concoction of netting and animal pelts topped by animal horns. Down his back, hangs an assortment of snail shells, wooden spoons, combs, and chicken claws.








IOLA is dance group comprised of university students in Edmonton, Alberta. Each member is of African Decent but each have several diverse dance styles. The name of the group comes from the Yoruba word “Ayoola”. To the members, this means that different backgrounds and cultures have come together to show the world that they are blessed in riches.







We are unique dancers, and our individual love and passion for dance has brought us together. As a crew, we strive to give the best Afro vibes possible. We always stand out, as we take our audience on a journey with us back to our roots!








This group was formed by Sue and Djjaywale, it consists of kids ages 8 to 17. We have a dance studio and a wonderful instructor, and anyone interested in learning Afro beat dance is encouraged to join our beautiful group and class sections. Clothing/design is done by Fashionbotsfashona.





Black Girl Magic Dance Group (BGMD)

We are a group of young, talented black ladies who are inrooted with our various cultures , and we would like to showcase the different cultures theough dance.







 Drumming Collage


Africanival 2018 Drumming Collage. Drums are found in every culture in the world. They have ceremonial, sacred, and symbolic associations. Every year, Africanival invites a guest culture on stage to end the festival on a high note and use traditional drums to herald a futuristic message. This year, the Aboriginal drummers are invited to form a drumming collage and showcase Alberta’s rich diversity in arts and music. Hope you will enjoy it on July 15 at 7:30 PM.