Welcome to Kids Corner 2024

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Africanival 2024 has got a lot to offer kids this year on June 7,8 & 9 in the heart of the city, Churchill Square, Edmonton.

It’s loaded with; face painting, writing session with an award winning author, painting session with an award winning artist, drum session with famous Sangea Academy, fun time at the bouncy castle spiced up with other games.

There’s a $5 charge for kids joining us at the Kids Corner to support Africanival 2024 Kids Corner.

Thank you for your support, and join us with your kids and enjoy!

Africanival 2024

Kids Corner Registration

Kids Corner Registration

Welcome to Young Writers Club

How to Make Ratatouille

By Brielle Lyan Rushihori-11 years old, Calgary

Do you ever want to bring Disney dishes to life?

Well I’m going to tell you how you can. Today we are making Remy’s famous dish called Ratatouille from the movie Ratatouille.

First you want to start off by chopping up one carrot, one onion and one celery and then put them into a separate container. Then heat up your pan and add one tbsp of olive oil. After that chop up half a clove of garlic and then add that to your oil. Once the garlic has browned add your vegetables that you cut up previously to your pan and sauté your vegetables on low heat. As you are doing that char a jalapeno and a bell pepper on high heat, you can do this on the grill or on an open fire or just on the stove.

When the jalapeno and bell pepper look like they are burned that means that they are ready to be taken off of the heat. After you take the jalapeno and bell pepper off the stove you now want to remove the seeds and set them into a container. Now, chop up the peppers and add them to the pan with the stated vegetables and pour 2 cans of crushed tomatoes. Season with salt,pepper and oregano. Once the mixture starts to bubble, blend it until it’s smooth.

Now that the sauce is finished we can move on to the next step. Slice one eggplant, two zucchinis and a yellow bell pepper and red one. Add your sauce to the bottom of a glass baking dish and spread. Now add the slices of the vegetables on top of the sauce you made and garnish with olive oil and thyme and bake on low heat for one hour and thirty minutes at 280⁰ When ready, serve with rice for a more filling meal and enjoy.

The Planet Story

By Sargunn-10 years Old. Red Deer

I am Sargunn. I’m 10 years old
I’m a Student at Glendale Science and Technolgy School
I just graduated from grade 4 from Ecole Mountview school & Promoted to grade 5
I moved to Canada 2013 with my parents from India and at that time , I was 2.5 years old.
I decided to Write books because I want to entertain children & help children Learn
My Dad Always encourage and motivates me to learn and explore new things like, writing books, Playing Sports, and Painting.
My Mom always helps me with my school projects, and time management with my assignments and projects, I enjoy long walks and bicycle rides with my mom, my longest walk was 6Kms, Which I completed in 60 minutes
Recently I completed my first book which is Called,The planet Story, Let’s Learn planets with fun!
I am also working on 2 other books one is on “Fruits gossip story” and “The Seasons Story”
MY Favorite color is Red
My favorite Flower is a Rose
MY Favorite Anime is Haiku!!
MY Favorite Haiku Character is Koushi Sugawara

The Greatest Bonds Between Friends

By Tabi Agbor – 8 Years Old. Edmonton

One stormy and rainy night, a small cat raced across the grass. She said, “I wish I had a home. I am homeless.” I have no friends, no one to care for me, nothing to eat or a place to stay for the night. In the morning it was calm and still, the storm was over and there was a young and talented boy named Bonbeit walking down the road. Bonbeit saw the cat and said, “You are so cute, do you have a home or a name? Come to think of it I don’t see a name tag. Well, I know you have blue strips and the rest of your skin is black and you‘re puffy, I will name you Stripe. Can you run fast, I wonder?”

“I have an idea, let’s have a race! 3…2…1…GO!” Stripe and Bonbeit raced across the field but apparently the boy got tired so Stripe sped up ahead of Bonbeit and crossed the finish line to win the race. Wow! That was pretty fast, that was amazing!
“Bonbeit it’s time to come in! Okay coming! Can I take this poor cat too?” Hmmm Bonbeit’s mom thought for a moment then said; “fine as long as it doesn’t make a mess, do you understand me young man?” “Yes, what happens if it does make a mess?” “You do not want to know what will happen.” Bonbeit’s mom replied back fiercely. “Why?” “Don’t ask me questions when I already gave you an answer”. Then Bonbeit showed Stripe around his bedroom and he watched five shows of Paw Patrol and read the book “Mysteries at Night”and then went to bed.

In the morning, Bonbeit woke up early at 8:00 am; he did his morning prayer, watched news, went shopping then put Stripe in his backpack and went to school.
At recess (free time), Bonbeit took Stripe out of his backpack and showed his friends. All of his friends admired Stripe and asked questions except the bullies. Everybody liked Stripe; except the bullies.
The bullies just made fun of Stripe. Stripe was so sad she began to cry. Bonbeit was furious of what they did. Bonbeit said; “WHO EVER MESSES AND MAKES MY CAT CRY AND TRIES TO GET’S AWAY WITH IT WILL PAY!” Bonbeit said with a lot of anger.
The bullies laughed and said what are you going to do about it? The bullies did not say it properly so Bonbeit’s friends couldn’t understand them very well. Bonbeit told the teacher and all of the bullies got in trouble, but that still didn’t stop the bullies from making even more drama. A few weeks later Stripe grew and grew, and Bonbeit and Stripe’s bond also grew stronger. Soon the two became inseparable. Bonbeit loved to sit on the roof of his house and watch. Bonbeit could see Cat Ninja fighting villains from a distance and always emerge victorious. Cat Ninja had many tiny swords in her ninja robe. .

One night Bonbeit snuck outside hoping he’d be lucky enough to see Cat Ninja. He was about to give up and go to sleep with Stripe until he saw a very bright light… just then he saw Cat Ninja battling a villan, and as usual Cat Ninja emerged victorious. It was so amazing! Bonbeit couldn’t even take his eyes off for any of the parts. Every night Bonbeit would watch Cat Ninja battle a villan.
One night Cat Ninja came to Bonbeit’s window and was asking Bonbeit to help stop an evil machine that was too difficult for Cat Ninja to stop alone. Bonbeit imagined himself being a superhero. Bonbeit agreed and followed Cat Ninja, and together, they stopped the machine. One day Bonbeit’s evil cousin Cast came over to visit. Cast took Stripe when they were all upstairs focusing on their work. Stripe tried to fight back, but she failed and had to accept defeat. Bonbeit promised Stripe that he would go shopping and feed Stripe. When Bonbeit was about to feed Stripe, she was gone. Bonbeit called Mom and asked if she knew where Stripe was. Mom shrugged and called dad and asked if he knew where Stripe was, he said; no, but the security system does. All of them checked the security cameras and said, “Cast took her, Cast took Stripe to the Animal Control Pound and Stripe was in a cage.

She was a misfit there, Stripe was frightened and scared, and none of the animals showed Stripe respect. Stripe was thinking of Bonbeit and Bonbeit was thinking of Stripe.
Bonbeit was on his way there until Cat Ninja showed up. Cat Ninja took Bonbeit for a ride all the way to the Animal Control Pound. Cat Ninja tried to get Stripe out but she failed and also got put in a cage when she snuck in.
Bonbeit thought to himself, I can just sneak in, get Stripe and Cat Ninja, sneak back out and go home, there’s my plan he thought.

So Bonbeit tried to sneak in but it didn’t work .The guards caught him and said; “Who goes there?” Bonbeit ran back and said; “it is I, the Great King of Animals”.
“Where are you, we can’t see you.” The guards replied back. “That’s because I am invisible. Now, I demand you to open the gates!” Bonbeit demanded.

The guards opened the gates and Bonbeit carefully snuck passed the guards and was coming out when the guards said; “you cannot take those two pesky pets!”Why not,” asked Bonbeit. That’s because Master Cast said so!”

Bonbeit did not listen; he took the cats and ran off. When Cast heard of the news he was very angry and said; “why do I even pay these guards when they never do anything right but mess up and make everything worse”.

“If I want the job done I have to do it myself”. Someone heard of this news and called the police, so Cast and the guards went to jail. Bonbeit was very pleased of this news, and he finally felt safe again. Bonbeit and Stripe continued to grow, hoping to have a nice life.

Remember one of the most important things, more important than life is friendship and a strong bond.