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Join Us as a Volunteer at Africanival 2024 – Embrace the Celebration!

Hello Friends and Culture Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a celebration of African culture, music, dance, and art? Africanival 2024 is beckoning, and we are seeking passionate volunteers to help make this festival an unforgettable experience!

Africanival is not just an event; it’s a grand showcase of the rich and diverse tapestry of African heritage. This year, we’re looking for individuals who are excited to contribute their energy, skills, and time to support a variety of roles, from event setup to guest services and everything in between.

Why Volunteer at Africanival?

  • Cultural Immersion: Engage directly with the vibrant cultures of Africa.
  • Community Service: Give back to the community in a meaningful way.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded volunteers and cultural aficionados.
  • Experience: Gain valuable event management experience.
  • Fun: Enjoy the festival’s activities, music, and performances.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 8& 9
  • Location:Sir Wisnton Churchill Square

We welcome individuals from all walks of life to join us in this celebration. Every volunteer’s effort contributes to the success of Africanival, and together, we can ensure that the spirit of Africa shines brightly through our community.

How to Join?  fill out the volunteer application form below. We’ll get in touch with more details and how you can be a part of this spectacular event.

Let’s make Africanival 2024 a landmark event that champions the beauty and diversity of African cultures. We can’t wait to welcome you to our volunteer family!

Volunteer with us: Africanival 2024 volunteers form

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A Big Thank you to all the previous years Africanival Volunteers

Frankline Agbor

DJ Vinny

Miriam Chimanga Tembo

Kuckie Markina

Chance Ndiho

Jane Naiga

Peterly Dieudonne

Siba Khumalo

Wayna Laraque

Ciella Bigirimana

Chediza Mutize

Michelle Cunningham

Ifeoma Chioma Claire Okeke

Gisele Ndoungo

Zoe Nare

Armando Correia

Oghenerouona Amy Chris

Chanceline Lakwanki

Mariam Sankoh 

Gizzie Arku

Alixe Deroka

Siddi Siddiqui

Orsel Theme

Martha Kirigwi

Don Dee

DJ King Raw Ncube

Prosper Gashusho

Amandep Kaur Hazra

Nateez Auronjze

Eziuche Ekwe

Walter Kehl

Lauren Vowels

Calen Manossa

Ashante Morris

Njiki Mildred

Ubong Udoumanah

DJ Meps 

Nsimire Muderma

Tope Akindele

Berly Scott

Mahmud Muhammad

Ricardo Milien

John Hussien

Carlos Lopez

Angelique Mugakuze

Meredith Juste

Marc Neal

All of you who shared the fliers and invited others
All community performers and artists
And all of you Edmontonians who supported Africanival in one way or another.

A Big Thank You to All the Volunteers for 2018


Sarah Negussie Leila Butoyi Lynnel Taylor Ester Cito Buhendwa
Michael Pabai Gisele Ndoungo Claire Ifeoma Okeke Frankline Agbor
Kemoh Mansanary Claudette Moussouami Harriet Tinka Tope Akindele
Herman Ofori-Macmillan Rudy Jay Aimus Eden Biru Harpreet Randhawa
Fatima Karidio Jeffrey Amino Seun Odofun Karishma Singh
Jina Shirzad Orsele Teme
Kobby Asare Akoto
Alyssa Habchi
Allita Quansah Hanifa Kalyegira Lauren Vowel Chagai Bell
Kuckie Makina Edjinie Boireau Liza Shirzad Xavier Gonzalez Browne
Joy Browne Kevin Taylor Jud Dudley Berly Scott
Appoline Malaika Ronny Thuo Fatou Kebbeh Gode Ndarubagiye
Nicole Ingabire Noa Marichal Rachel Engnanombel Pooja Dhanjal
Diana Graling Michaela Karimu Racheal A. Amankwaa Aruoriwo Theodora Egor
Helene Tshibuabua Mpiana Nadine Danai Mukondiwa Prosper Gashusho Isca Vella Irangwe
Muna Kibrom Ogubazghi Priscille De Bonté Poeri Martha Kirigwi Michael Broodhagen
Zainab Hussain Alex Amaglo Mamadou Coulibaly

Alison Clarke

Keri-Lynn Gibbs


Volunteers will be involved in planning the event, sit at the planning committee. They will lead sub-committees which will be focused on specific art forms such as poetry or music performance. They will be involved in outreach and be communicating the word out to the community. They will be involved in the setup of the event site and run the event for 3 days. Volunteers will be supervised by the show producer or marketing consultant. • the extent to which volunteers are integral to the structure of your organization. Volunteers basically run the show, supervised by paid staff. They sit on all the planning committees and involved in outreach, communication, social media, setup and execution of the event.