Africanival 2017

Edmonton Journal

Edmonton’s first AfroFest to showcase dozens of African communities

A new festival that celebrates African cultures in Edmonton is enticing visitors with delicious cuisine, music and a colorful parade.

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Vue Weekly

Inaugural AfroFest aims to set a vibrant tone

Arts, folklore, cuisine, passionate music, and gorgeous dress—Africa is replete with vibrant and distinct cultures not only along its national boundaries, but its smaller tribal ones as well. When you get right down to it, Alberta should’ve had an AfroFest a long time ago.

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Metro News

Edmonton displays African culture at premier AfroFest 2017

Several Sierra Leoneans featured prominently in the first ever festival of African culture in Edmonton on June 3 and 4, 2017. The event took place at Winston Churchill Square, across from Edmonton City Hall.

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Africanival 2017 Promo Video