1. We are AFRICANIVAL, therefore cultural-related products are our primary sales targets. Some craft, cultural dishes, drinks, beauty fashion or bakery type items will be allowed.
  2. All vendors are responsible for liability insurance and compliance with any and all requirements of the Province of Alberta.
  3. Any scale used for determining price will display a current legal inspection sticker.
  4. All products will be displayed in a clean and safe manner.
  5. Vendors are responsible for leaving a clean area at closing.
  6. All vendors shall exhibit professional manners always.
  7. Tables are the responsibility of the vendors and canopies are available at the festival.
  8. Spaces shall be assigned by the organizers.
  9. Applicable fees shall be paid before the month of May.
  10.  Collected fees go towards advertising, equipment, maintenance, and other items as decided upon by the Festival’s Committee.

Contact: 780 709 0965 or 587 930 6604 or 587 989 3793        


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